'Stirling Up an Adventure' has been developed for a University of Glasgow dissertation to illustrate that it is worthwhile and plausible to develop small-scale indie games for heritage purposes. 

So far, it has been demonstrated that games design for a novice who works in the heritage sector is doable. But, we are also aiming to see if these games will generate more interest than books, leaflets and websites have been able to among members of the public aged between 18 and 25. We would also like to know if this game would encourage anyone in this category to visit this site after playing this game, and if they have any recommendations for this project.

If you fall into the age group above and enjoyed playing this game please drop a comment below if you'd be happy to answer a few quick questions and contribute to this study!

Stirling Castle has historically been one of the most important locations in Scotland physically and politically. It has been surrendered to English troops multiple times before and during the Wars of Independence, it was the scene of lavish royal living, it suffered through multiple sieges, later it was abandoned not too long after the Scottish throne was joined to the English (eventually sacrificing its ruling power to the British military and government), and now it has become a heritage attraction.

In this game, you play as a student that visits Stirling Castle with your class as you need to write an essay on the history of the castle. If you do not get a good grade for the essay then you risk failing the class. A mysterious figure takes you back in time which is represented by a 'flash' so that you can experience the Castle's vibrant history first-hand from the people that lived through history itself. Besides talking to various historical characters, you can move at will throughout the castle, following the arrows or walking through any door or archway you want to. At the end of your journey, you face a choice between two exits, only one will take you back home.

Use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate, please interact with the characters (most of them will have something to say) and feel free to pick up any white objects you can see. You can walk back and forth between any exits at will, besides the few at the very start and those at the very end.

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